Fifth Avenue Anesthesia Associates, Pc


1049 5th Ave, New York , NY - 10028

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Dr. Sazia L Setaruddin MD

2576 31ST ST , Astoria , NY - 11102
Phone: 718-726-1909
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dr. Gerasimos Papadatos

2340 30th Ave , Astoria , NY - 11102
Phone: 718-626-7500
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Demetrios Georgiou M.D.

3503 31st Ave , Astoria , NY - 11106
Phone: 718-932-2900
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Milagros Hernandez M.D

3010 38th St , Astoria , NY - 11103
Phone: 718-545-2424
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dohyung Kim Physical Therapy P. C.

4301 Broadway , Astoria , NY - 11103
Phone: 718-274-4200
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist


Edward Cotlier

966 Southern Blvd , Bronx , NY - 10459
Phone: 718-617-4268
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Alexander Yacobson

665 Thwaites Pl , Bronx , NY - 10467
Phone: 914-738-6435
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dr. Edward James Brown Jr. M.D.

865 Walton Ave Store Front, Bronx , NY - 10451
Phone: 718-292-9200
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Michael Guccione M.D.

3322 BAINBRIDGE AVE , Bronx , NY - 10467
Phone: 718-881-2100
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dr. Ared Garan M.D.

627 E 233rd St , Bronx , NY - 10466
Phone: 718-231-2200
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist


Juan Sandoval

9413 Flatlands Ave SUITE 206E, Brooklyn , NY - 11236
Phone: 718-485-2420
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dmitri Petrychenko M.D.

1660 E 14th St suite 202, Brooklyn , NY - 11229
Phone: 718-336-5123
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Dr. Sarath Reddy MD

240 Willoughby St Suite 11E, Brooklyn , NY - 11201
Phone: 718-250-8627
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Mr. Kenneth S Felder M.D.

2035 RALPH AVE SUITE A6, Brooklyn , NY - 11234
Phone: 718-209-0101
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

David KEITH Avram MD

115 REMSEN ST , Brooklyn , NY - 11201
Phone: 718-852-4646
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist


Henry Moskowitz MD

5930 108th St , Corona , NY - 11368
Phone: 718-271-6500
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Henry Moskowitz Md Pc

5930 108th St , Corona , NY - 11368
Phone: 718-271-6500
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist

Corona Comprehensive Medical Care, P.c.

10809 52nd Ave , Corona , NY - 11368
Phone: 718-393-0600
Specialty: Specialist/Technologist
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